ITF Hong Kong Inauguration Ceremony

On November 19th 2003, ITF HONG KONG invited ITF Representative, Master Phap Lu, to attend and to witness the ITF HONG KONG INAUGURATION CEREMONY.

With the help of ITF President, Mr.Chang Ung, the ITF Hong Kong Board of Directors and Master Phap Lu visited Hon. Timothy Fok, IOC Member, President of Hong Kong Olympic Committee, Member of Hong Kong Legislative Council. They gave a briefing to Mr. Fok about the re-establishment of ITF in Hong Kong and their activities for 2004. ITF Hong Kong will organize their first ITF HK National Championship and will select a National Team to support and to take part in the next ITF World Championships in Malaysia.

ITF Representative, Master Phap Lu, ITFHK Board of Directors, Honors Presidents and Guests have a group photo on ITFHK Inauguration Ceremony.

ITF Representative, Master Phap Lu and ITFHK Board of Directors visit Mr. Timothy Fok at Hong Kong Legislative Council.
From Left to Right: Mr. Kith Au (Secretary General, ITFHK),
                            Mr. Yuki Chong (President, ITFHK),
                            Master Phap Lu (Representative, ITF),
                            Mr. Timothy Fok (President of Hong Kong Olympic Committee,

                                  IOC Member, and Member of Hong Kong Legislative Council),
                            Mr. Norman Law (Vice President, ITFHK) and
                            Mr. Billy Chiang (Deputy Secretary General, ITFHK)

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