Master Phap Lu, the Legendary TAEKWON-DO Founderˇ¦s hand-picked Chinese student in PAN AM & Asia, will conduct International TaeKwon-Do Instructor Courses and Seminars in Hong Kong and Beijing.

Master Phap Lu, age 47 (see photo), was invited by China International TaeKwon-Do Federation(China ITF) to conduct a national training of more than 100 black belt instructors.

His 1st seminar will be in Beijing after which Master Lu will arrive in Hong Kong to conduct the 1st official International Instructors Course. During his stay he will meet the Hon. Timothy Fok, IOC Member, President of Hon Kong Olympic Committee.

Master Phap Lu was in Hong Kong last November during his seminar-trip to Japan. He was the Special Guest for the Hong Kong International TaeKwon-Do Federation Inauguration Ceremony. He had met Hon. Timothy Fok to exchange ideas for the development of ITF & HKITF in the East Asian region.

Master Lu informed us that TaeKown-Do has a long history in both Hong Kong and China. In 1969 the Legendary Founder General Choi Hong Hi introduced TaeKwon-Do to Hong Kong and helped to host the 1st Asian TaeKwon-Do Championship. In the early 1980ˇ¦s Gen.Choi was invited to China to give international seminars. Presently there are many TaeKwon-Do clubs across China. Beijing has formed the China International TaeKwon-Do Federation.

TaeKwon-Do was created by General Choi in 1955 as he was the founding member of the South Korean army. In 1966 he formed the International TaeKwon-Do Federation (ITF). He immigrated to Canada in 1973 and resided in Mississauga, Ontario. He passed away in 2002 in North Korea.

Master PhapLu is a martial artist and a scholar. In 1979 Lu left Vietnam for Canada. 1998 he earned his MBA degree at the University of Ottawa. Master Lu began his TaeKwon-do training in 1968, Saigon, Vietnam. He is the only Chinese ITF Black Belt 8th Degree Master in the continent of PAN AM and Asia. M. Peggy Seely, Luˇ¦s better half, is also a Black Belt 5th Degree Instructor. They both have three children, two girls and one boy.

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