- A message from Master Lu -

General Choi said TAEKWON-DO is an art that implies a way of thinking and life, and particularly in instilling moral civilization and generating the power for justice. Taekwon-Do is also known as one of the best means of developing and enhancing the emotional, perceptual and psychological characteristics that enable the younger generation, regardless of age, social status or sex, to effectively learn and participate in the social and play demands of his peers.

If the Instructors and seniors ranking belts of ITF TaeKwon-Do are articulate, well-groomed, polite, confident, intelligent and understanding, this leadership will provide, perhaps, the best of all possible influence on the student. To teach another’s child to become a person of good character according to the wishes of her/his own parents is a great responsibility.

To become an Instructor is a great honor. It shows honesty, intelligence, responsibility, diligence, determination, sacrifice, patience, effort, care, inspiration, and noble character leadership. A qualified Instructor must combine the qualities of a scholar and soldier if she/he is to produce pupils of NOBLE CHARACTER and outstanding skills. Taekwon-Do training is a self-discipline and self- improvement educational program. This priceless art teaches us and helps us to cultivate our mind and body. The success or failure of training depends largely on how one observes and implements the tenets of Taekwon-Do. The philosophy of Taekwon-Do is a guide to the formation of NOBLE CHARACTER.

A rich and famous person, a well-educated person, a powerful person, a world champion who has a supreme and powerful techniques, a gorgeous or good looking person, are they all have a NOBLE CHARCATER? These people could have a NOBLE CHARACTER if they understand the true meaning of a NOBLE CHARACTER.

Today, in the 21th century hidden Confucian values often appear in our martial art training. We learned a deep sense of respect for our teachers, respect to one’s self and to care deeply for others. An old Korean proverb states, “ father and mother are the parents who bring me up while a teacher is the parent who educates me.” This is the reason why a student was expected to pay as much respect to his/her teacher as he/she would to his/her parents. Thus the personal bonds of loyalty and respect towards the teacher parents formed a national and family structure.

For example: Mr. A was a person who wanted to learn Taekwon-Do from Mr. B, Mr. A was a person with cheap character, he would NEVER say thank you, he has the kind of thinking that I pay you and you serve me.

But if Mr. A was a person of fairly good character, he would say thank you and would show appreciation in doing so.

If Mr. A were a person with a NOBLE CHARACTER, he would show much more appreciation in doing so.

Unfortunately, there are people who could be considered to have a lower character. They could not care if they ever said thank you, and may even have the gall to speak poorly of the person who taught them.

To make up for the lower character person, is the noble character person. They would try their BEST to show double the appreciation. Even if they could not find the teacher who taught them before, or they are too far away from their teacher, they would help others in honor of their teacher who once helped them. I hope all ITF Members are trying to be the noble person.

We all make mistakes. Even smart people make mistakes. The loser is the one who tries to cover his mistakes. The winner is the one who learns from them. He has noble character. Losers repeat the same mistakes over and over, spiraling down. Winners stop the downward spiral through discipline, by not committing the same mistake again. This positive action causes another positive action, and the upward spiral begins. If you love yourself and believe in yourself, you can change your life for the better. You can begin a positive spiral today. The true winner is the one who never gives up. He will develop NOBLE CHARACTER.

People of cheap character think good technique is physical: whoever kicks the highest or punches the hardest has the best technique. They believe the best fighter is the best student, these students return from tournaments only to copy bad character from some good fighter with bad taste. Can you imagine what a great country Canada would be if Mr. A was the Prime Minister instead of Mr. Paul Martin?

High class people realize that spiritual is more important than physical. They know that the student who has a burning desire to succeed has the best technique. He will learn properly, practice properly, then use it properly. Noble people know the best student is the one who never gives up. He is the true winner. He sets his own goals and he helps others achieve their goals. He offers service from the heart.

Mirror is for us to check our outside appearance. Meditation is for us to check our inside appearance. What character are you? Do you control your desires or do they control you? Do you want to be a winner or a loser? Do you think negatively or positively? Do you have the best technique? Are you the best TAEKWON-DO student?


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