“The valuable lesson
My Grand father taught me”
One summer day I came upon my grandfather working in his garden. I paused watching as he worked up and down the rows of plants because I was curious and didn’t understand what he was doing. So, I asked him to explain.
“My dear grandson, taking care of the garden is the same as taking care of your children and your students” he explained. “ The branches that are in bloom are in fact growing disorderly and must be cut early so they don’t waste the plants’ food and energy and so that it grows in the proper shape. This is like children who are disorderly, they must be disciplined and shown the correct path. I uproot the plants from poor soil and move them to richer soil just as we relocate our young from an unfavourable group or neighborhood and introduce them to a more pleasant neighborhood or positive group of friends where they will have a better chance at life.
I water the dry plants that have dying branches because they still have living energy inside them. Just like failing students, they are not hopeless. Kindness exists inside them and with extra care and love, they can be revitalized”.
The lesson I learned was to teach our students with love, kindness, motivation and discipline. TaeKwon-do can help practitioners maintain good health, enhance mental discipline and strengthen their focus and confidence.
Master Phap Ken Lu, MBA
Chairman of ITF Education Committee
Fax: 1-613-822-4123

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