Newsletter from ITF HQ ( December 2004 )

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(1) Address from the Secretariat
     in brief - Season Greeting and Happy New Year
                 - Heartfelt thanks to late General Choi Hong Hi on the special occasion of this day
                 - Congratulations to the Grand Masters, Masters, International Instructors, and all the
                   Taekwon-Do brothers and sisters
                 - Success in the year
                    I)   held the 1st Veteran Championship
                    II)  ITF participated in the 1st International Martial-Art Games
                    III) establish the better condition and atmosphere to solve the Taekwon-Do issue
                          with IOC and WTF
                 - Provided with legal guarantees for its all activities by the Austrian Government and
                    its position in Austria is more intensified.
(2) Many Congratulations to the Participants in the Pan Am Games
(3) The "Cup of Peter the Great", the Traditional Event in Saint Petersburg, Russia
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