ITFHK Umpire Refresh Course

DateĄG 10.12.2006 (Sunday) 2pm - 5pm
VenueĄG Lutheran Jockey Club Wah Ming Service Centre
  1/F., South Block, Wah Ming Estate Shopping Mall, Fanling.
ContentĄG Latest ITF Tournament Rules (Individual Pattern, Team Pattern, and Self Defense Routine)
LecturerĄG Master Lun Ping Shum - ITF International Umpire (Class A)
RequirementĄG 1) ITFHK National Umpire, or
  2) ITFHK Black Belt member, or
  3) ITFHK Colour Belt member (Grade 4 or above)
FeeĄG HKD$20
EnrollmentĄG Register to ITFHK by phone (Tel: 27201126) on or before 6pm on Saturday 9.12.2006

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