National Umpire Course & Refresh Course

Date: Sunday 23rd March 2008
Time: 14:00 - 18:00
Venue: Yau Oi Indoor Recreation Centre
  Hing On Lane, Tuen Mun, NT
Requirement: New Apply ~ Black Belt Member
  Refresh Course ~ Existing National Umpire
Course Fee: New Apply ~ HK$250 / Refresh Course ~ HK$50
Conductors: Master Ping-Shum LUN, Master Norman Tung-Man LAW
  (ITF International Umpire - Class 'A')
Deadline: 6:00 pm on 20th March 2008 (Thursday)
Remarks: (1) There are 3 sessions of the course, the above date is the 1st session
  (2) The Date, Time & Venue of the 2nd & 3rd session will be announced later
  (3) The above course fee is for 3 sessions
Application Form: Application Form

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